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Handcrafted with love

With a beautiful friendship forged over a shared love of fine tea, travel and exquisite design. In 2012, after regularly sharing our experiences, hopes and joys over a perfectly brewed cup, we set out to fulfil a mutual dream – to create luxury teas and herbal tisane blends that rejuvenate, restore and delight the senses.

Teatime is such a wonderful ritual – it offers a chance to add some luxury to your daily routine. We know the moments you have to enjoy a cup of tea are invaluable and our blends are designed to help you carve time out of your day to relax and recharge.

Whether you’re creating a little sea of calm amidst a busy workday, sharing a soulful chuckle with your bestie or preparing yourself for a blissfully restful night’s sleep, we believe a cup of tea should be a little extravagance you can enjoy each and every day.


Designed for tea lovers everywhere

Our bespoke luxury tea blends use the world’s finest ingredients to make teatime a luxurious everyday ritual that soothes, enchants and promotes great health and wellbeing.

Exciting, spirited, visually exciting and refreshing, our artisan blends come in a range of deliciously sophisticated flavours designed for all tastes. Sourced from accredited tea estates around the globe,

they’re handcrafted to create a complete sensory experience.


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